Bankruptcy Experts Perth Blog

04Jul 2018

Many Australian’s have only seriously contemplated bankruptcy when playing a game of Monopoly with their friends! In spite of this, there are close to 13,000 individuals that file for bankruptcy each year in Australia. It’s uncanny how easily people can go from experiencing a balanced financial position to facing a mountain of debt. In many […]

26Jun 2018

No one likes to think about bankruptcy, which is understandable considering that bankruptcy will disturb your financial circumstance for several years to come. This may be one of the reasons why many people don’t look for financial assistance in times of need, because they are under the common misunderstanding that bankruptcy is the only way […]

21Jun 2018

Whether we realise it or not, our credit report has a substantial effect on our lives. It’s kind of like our health; we don’t appreciate good health until we lose it. Most people don’t even find out they have a bad credit report until they make an application for a line of credit and it’s […]

06Apr 2018

Most of us have a decent understanding that weddings can be an expensive exercise, but do you actually understand just how much the average wedding costs in Australia? Slightly over $36,000, based on Australia’s Money Smart website. And that was in 2012! These days, it’s quite likely somewhere around the $50,000 mark. I guess if […]

30Mar 2018

There’s no doubt that reaching your 30’s is a huge milestone for everyone. Even though some of us may have started a family, a new career, or perhaps bought their first home, this decade of our lives has a major financial impact for the coming years. For most people, our financial responsibilities have more than […]

23Mar 2018

There’s no question that your 20’s is a very precious period of your life. There’s an anxious but exciting feeling about becoming an adult, leaving home, and being financially self-reliant. Whether you began a career, a university degree, or spent time traveling abroad and gaining life experience, your 20’s is a momentous decade from both […]

16Mar 2018

Most of us experience phases in life where money is tight. Luckily for us, there are specific expenses that we can easily do away with, like cable television, gym memberships, and eating out at restaurants. On the contrary, there are other expenses that we simply can’t avoid. Debt repayments, rent and school tuition are just […]

26Jan 2018

In today times, saving money is a desire that everybody wishes to accomplish, but typically it can be a difficult task for many families. Rental payments, bills, food, and everyday essentials add up rapidly, leaving most families with little to no savings. Being able to save money and improve your life appears to be a […]

19Jan 2018

The New Year is obviously an excellent time to reflect on the previous year and make some resolutions to improve ourselves. Many people’s resolutions focus on being healthier, enhancing their career, or improving their financial circumstances. Now all of us know how tough it can be to keep our New Year’s resolutions, so it’s important […]